Who I Am and What I Do


I am a mother, a grandmother, a midwife and  most importantly a woman.

I am Registered Nurse and Medicare Endorsed midwife - these are my official degrees and graduate education.

But my life, experience and interest lay far beyond that education.  As a midwife and through my own birth experiences I knew there was much more to birth than what is portrayed on social media and what I was seeing through the hospital system.  So began my own journey into the link between sexuality and birth.

I studied to become a Yoni Mapping Therapist - Bliss Method with Bonnie Bliss an intimate personal and professional journey into women's bodies and sexuality.  I completed a 12 month Four Seasons Journey with the School of Shamanic Womancraft to better understand the spiritual wise woman ways.  I have been a home birth midwife for over 10 years and I have just completed my studies to become an Ecstatic Birth Practitioner linking sexuality, sensuality and birth.  I have also trained in the Gentling Way with Heather Bruce.  There are also many other small courses that all contribute to my knowledge and to my practice.