Yonique Bodywork

A beautiful journey into your own sexual self.  This journey is whatever you need it to be, there is no set destination.  For you it could be one of healing, of taking ownership of your body, it could be the discovery of your own pleasure.

 your journey into yourself, whatever that journey may be. (up to 3 hours)

Please phone 0448 122 566 to arrange an appointment

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Yonique Birth

This is a unique birth preparation program that has been designed to prepare you physically and mentally for your birth however that may look.  It comprises of 6 sessions, regular emails and support with the option of a Yoni Mapping session as well.

First Session- Antenatal consultation which may or may not include a review of your diet and nutrition support, exercise plan, journaling, body practices, meditations, body work, birth art, intention setting, drum journey. (approx 2 hours).  Box of goodies with initial booking

Body Work Sessions x 3- each session may include, depending on your needs, review of your needs, birth art, trauma release, gentling way body work, cupping, etc (approx 2 hours each)

Birth preparation/education Sessions x 2 - includes one on one birth education, exercises to prepare the body, fear release, birth art, drum journey, rebozo techniques, ecstatic birth preparation. (approx 2 hours each)

Optional Yoni Mapping Therapy Session - internal body work whilst pregnant is a great way to explore the bodies amazing potential to birth your baby.  It also helps to discover and balance internal ligaments, to connect with your cervix (important player in the birth dance), release any trauma.  Remember every Yoni Mapping Session is unique to the individual woman.

If you are wanting to immerse yourself in this program but are unable to attend any bodywork sessions there is the option of online mentoring with an initial consultation, regular emails and support together with online one on one antenatal education sessions and birth planning sessions.

$1,000 for program (6 x sessions)

$500 for online mentoring

$1,200 for program with Yoni Mapping Therapy 

$300 for Yoni Mapping Therapy alone

$900 Opening the Baby Gate body work sessions from 35 weeks x 5 sessions (2hrs each) inc gift.

If you are interested in a home birth please contact me to discuss further (currently covering Capricornia coast, Wide Bay Region and Brisbane, Qld depending on availability).

Please phone 0448 122 566 to arrange an appointment.

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Yonique Postpartum

These sessions are uniquely tailored to your needs following the birth of your baby and you may have one session or a number of sessions based on what you are seeking.  What I offer with these sessions may include - yoni steaming, Gentling Way body work, sharing and debriefing your journey, breastfeeding support, nutrition and self care, closing ceremony, meditation, massage.

$100 per hour for these sessions.

Yoni Mapping Therapy is offered postnatally from 6 weeks after the birth of your baby.  Yoni Mapping Therapy can help to emotionally and physically reconnect after birth, to reassure you that your body is okay and rediscover your sexual self. (2-3 hours)

$300 per session

Please phone 0448 122 566 to arrange an appointment

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