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Yonique Ceremony Offerings


Spring Maiden Ceremony

The springtime in a woman's life is the start of her menarche and it is a time for honouring the start of her  journey into womanhood.

Surrounded by the strong women in her life the young maiden is welcomed, honoured and wrapped in wisdom for the journey ahead of her.

You can honour your daughter's journey in a place of your choosing, including here on the farm (Pacific Haven) with our beautiful Sapphire Belle.  It can be as big or as small as you want.

Please give me a call to discuss your ceremony options on 0448 122 566.

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Summer's Mother Blessing

A Mother Blessing is a ceremony to honour the journey a woman is about to make to become a mother.  The summer of her life.

Traditional baby showers are all about gifting the baby.  This ceremony is surrounding the birthing woman with love, strength and blessings for the tremendous and exciting path she is about to walk.

Please give me a call to discuss your ceremony options and costs on 0448 122 566

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Closing Ceremony

Based on traditional Mexican closing of the bones.

This is a postpartum ceremony which involves a herbal bath or steam, massage and closing.

It is said that when a woman gives birth that her body opens bringing forth another soul on their earthbound journey.  So a closing is the bring back together after such an epic journey.

Please give me a call to discuss costs and options on 0448 122 566

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Autumn Woman Ceremony

Another significant time in a woman's life is the transition from Mother to Maga. 

This period starts with the cessation of her menstrual cycle and her move into the wise woman years.

To often women feel forgotten or unseen in this stage of their life and this ceremony is an honouring of her past self and welcoming to her wise woman years.

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